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August 14, 2014
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Redbird FMX

The Redbird FMX is a superior-quality, full motion, feature-rich simulator with standard features that are anything but standard – wrap around visuals, a fully enclosed cockpit, quick-change configurations, scenario-based training compatibility and of course electric motion platform.

Horizon Flight Center can provide checkout in the RedBird for solo use. It’s an affordable, safe way for pilots to to practice recurrent training and experience challenging situations while safely on the ground. To learn more, please call our customer service desk at 757.421.9000 and ask about the pre-paid discount options!

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The FMX serves up a level of realism that provides a superior training device. The FMX was designed to be reconfigurable, allowing our flight school to use one simulator to represent all of the airplanes in our training fleet. It’s versatile enough to be used for Single or Multi-engine training and can represent glass panel aircraft as well as traditional 6-pack configurations.

Standard Features

  • Electric Motion Platform
  • Fully enclosed cockpit
  • +200° wrap-around visuals
  • Ergonomically correct design
  • User defined missions database
  • Unique pilot key system
  • Portable instructor’s panel software
  • Quick-change cockpit configurations
  • Single and Multi-engine
  • Traditional and glass cockpit
  • Complete terrain and airport database
  • Operates on a standard 15 amp outlet
  • FAA Certified AATD


Checkout Program

  • $135 per hour checkout fee with instructor
  • Practice immediately
  • Sharpen skills
  • Fly into an unknown airport
  • Fine-tune emergency procedures
  • Practice IFR skills in challenging locations and approaches
  • Fly approaches