Flight Training

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August 15, 2014
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Ground School

“In Class” is developed for the classroom setting-‐minded student. And, capitalizes on the best of both worlds scenario, in which the student participates in a ground school classroom setting AND has access to his or her own personal, web-‐based Cessna Training System. A Certified Flight Instructor leads “In Class” through the web­‐based instruction in a small group of 6 students, twice a week for three hours over a seven-­‐week period. Quizzes are at home via the Cessna Training System and reviewed in the following class. In conjunction with “In Class” scheduling each student can choose to take practical flight training to stay on pace with intended graduation goal.  


 Private Pilot “In Class”

Horizon Flight Center’s “In Class” Private Pilot Course is designed to meet all of the FAA requirements for a private pilot certificate. Ground instruction will take approximately 42 hours or twice a week, for three hours over seven weeks. Flight training will take approximately 35 hours, consisting of 20 hours of dual instruction and 15 hours of solo flight. During this flight instruction, the student will receive the required training for solo flight, cross­‐country flights, controlled fields, night flights, and all specified maneuvers. Progress checks will be conducted throughout the training process and our not included in the estimate.

“In Class” or ground school classroom training will be facilitated with the Cessna Training System and lead by a Certified Flight Instructor. The Cessna Training System course covers an introduction to the airplane and aerodynamics, aircraft systems, airports, communications and Air Traffic Control, weight & balance, meteorology, Federal Aviation Regulations, aeronautical charts, radio navigation, flight publications, the flight computer, medical factors of flight and cross country flight. The Cessna ‘web‐based’ Training System is yours to keep and is updated over a lifetime. To view a demo, click here: Cessna Training System.

Practical flight training will take approximately four to six months to complete if flight lessons are scheduled 2­‐3 times a week.

The “In Class” training will be seven weeks to complete and will prepare you to take and pass the FAA written exam that is required.

“In Class” begins the week of January 25, 2016. For more information, please contact Amy at [email protected].