Customer Appreciation Program

Transfer PSEL Incentive (Non Liberty Students) 

  • Transfer from another school and a lesson is on us.

IFR Incentive 

  • Buy a training kit for IFR rating and receive one free hour in the RedBird.

Primary Customer Referral Program (Non Liberty Student) – Earn $300

  • Earn $100 credit to your account when you refer a private pilot customer who purchases a lesson kit and completes 5 flights
  • Earn $100 credit to your account when new customer solos
  • Earn $100 credit to your account when new customer completes course

Fast Flyer Incentive – $100

Do you know someone who is on the fast track with Accelerated Flight Training needs? 

  • Earn $100 credit to your account when a referred accelerated flight student to Horizon Flight Center is rated

50% OFF Discovery Flight 

Discover the perks with 1/2 off your first flight lesson with same-day kit purchase! 

  • If a student takes a Discovery Flight and signs-up for lessons AND buys a kit the same day as the Discovery Flight then the Discovery Flight is 50% off. (This is a $125 discount.)