Maintain control. Know where you are and where you are going. Let someone know your plan.

About You

So you want to learn to fly?

Prior experience is not necessary, there are no set enrollment dates and you may pay as you go. Students with prior experience are eligible for credit and VA benefits are accepted. Training time varies from person-to-person. You make the schedule. Are you ready to have the time of your life?

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Some facts

Why people choose us?

  • Professional Instructors & Staff
  • Cost Effective Lesson Management
  • Safe Equipment
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Are you ready for takeoff?

Welcome to your Cessna Pilot Center. Get ready to soar with the best flight-training program in the industry. More pilots come to Cessna Pilot Centers or CPC’s to earn their wings than any other flight school in the country. With Cessna’s comprehensive flight training system, you will quickly become a knowledgeable, competent pilot. The computer-based instruction or CBI program works hand-in-hand with your actual flight experience – allowing you to preview your next training flight before you even drive to the airport.

Mike Pinner


Chief Flight Instructor

See and hear from a graduate

Whether a beginner or needing to “up your certs” Horizon Flight Center is committed to providing its students with the highest quality in flight training.